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Wax flavor oil concentrated was flavoring for oil based products.

We specialize in premium alcohol free 1-4% flavor concentrates and terpenes for hemp oil, hemp waxes, CBD oil and CBD wax. We do not sell hemp oil or CBD oil.  Click here to SHOP.  Never use directly.  Example, our flavor is so strong just the tip of a tooth pick of our flavor swirled into an 8 ounce glass of water would flavor the entire glass of water.

Our flavors are designed for flavoring waxes and oils. They can be used for medicinal CBD or other cannabis oils, as well as other precious substrates. Our flavor compounds are ultra-concentrated. Suggested use is under 1%, whereas other flavoring compounds typically need 15% – 25% to flavor product. Our compounds are safe for use in edibles and for use in vapor devices. You can even use them to make eliquids by mixing with PG, VG, and nicotine. Because of the concentrated nature of our products, you save a lot of money on shipping, both domestically and internationally.

Please visit out Blog for more on “How to Flavor Wax and How to Flavor CBD Oil.”  Our most popular flavors include Blackberry [truest to the natural flavor and best on the market] Lime [tastes just like a lime Lifesaver, but better] Mango [very juicy and a favorite] Passion Express [a heavenly Passion Fruit that scent permeates packaging]  Strawberry [the most authentic Strawberry you’ll ever taste-like a Jam you could drink] Blue Raspberry [tastes just like a blue slushee but better] Bomb Pop [The Red White Blue Popsicle which is basically lemon, cherry and blue raspberry]   Apple Green, Cherry, Grape, Pear, Pineapple and Coconut or any combination thereof.  Fruit Loopys [you guessed it] and our Vanilla are also admirable formulas.  We have over 300+ formulas but this site just focuses on our top 40 or so.  For reviews you can check out our WordPress page or Amazon which we sell a powerful flavor but not as powerful as this under Candy Flavor Dot Com brand.  Our manufacturer is Flavor Laboratories.