Tangerine Wax Oil Flavor


Our all natural Tangerine Terpene is alcohol free with all the ingredients hand-picked down to the actual fruit trees used. Delicious, and highly concentrated, this Tangerine Terpene is bursting with flavor! Compared to our other concentrations, only a fourth or a third of the product is needed to flavor an entire gallon. We promise you won’t be disappointed with our amazing tangerine! Try it out and tell us what you love.


Our citrus flavors are made of premium ingredients sourced right from the actual fruit.


Our wax and oil flavoring compounds are super concentrated. Recommended use at less than 1%. This allows the maximum amount of flavoring with the least amount of dilution to your product. Our flavor compounds are perfect for herbal or medicinal waxes and oils, including other cannabis oils, and any other precious substrate. Our flavoring compounds are 100% safe and consist of nothing but FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) compounds. They can be used for edibles or in vaporizing devices. They can even be used to make eliquids when mixed with PG, VG, and nicotine, and at a far lower concentration than other flavors marketed for this purpose. Our concentrated flavors allow for maximum product to be shipped, while keeping shipping costs low for both domestic and international orders.

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1000 ml or 1 Liter, 5ml Sample, 1 oz, or 30ml glass bottle, 2 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz or 473ml


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