Tangie Strain



Myrcene, Humulene and Beta Caryophyllene are the top terpenes used in this formula. A perfectly mastered strain which possesses a tangerine flavor and the slightly skunky note that comes from the Mycerne. Our flavor strains were designed by the highest connoisseurs who grew up on Long Beach OG products and farmed exotics as well. We use only the highest quality terpenes from Vigon who does offer every form of regulatory you can imagine. We are not going to make “claims” of what the right terp blend can do for you. We feel there is enough public data on that as well as Leafly.

Many of our formulas are proven bestsellers already on the shelves at high end dispensaries. In fact Rove Brand was started with only our formulas and we own the original formulas sold here. If your looking for Rove Brand clones – well you just found the creator!

We offer money back guarantees on sample items. Why ? Because not one in thousands of customers felt we were subpar and asked for one. And we know great flavor makes for repeat business!

So whether you are making tinctures, edibles, spraying it on herb or even body products – we care!

Our terpene, wax and oil flavoring compounds are super concentrated and used in many various ways in wax or oil loving products, or ‘sprayed on’ botanicals with a high proof ethanol base as a way to evenly distribute the flavor and have it also quickly dry by evaporation. Depending on the final product recommended use is usually less than 1% but could be as high as 4% in your formula total. This allows the maximum amount of flavoring with the least amount of dilution to your product.

Our terpene and flavor compounds are perfect for herbal or medicinal waxes and oils, edibles, tinctures, salves, balms for lips and any other precious and pricey substrates. Our flavoring compounds must be diluted and kept away from pets and children.
Beyond 20 years of ‘knowledge’ our biggest edge is we purchase the highest grade materials if they taste and “throw” better than say the cheaper materials most flavor houses limit their artists to purchase. This has made the taste of our formula in your finished products stand out from the rest quite easily. If ‘repeat’ biz is your goal…our product is for you.

Our proprietary formulas consist of only FDA FEMA approved materials and known also as “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) materials. In no manner are we claiming that the fact we use FDA approved materials makes your end product FDA approved.

We prefer to formulate with the European Union method because it is actually a stricter model (much like California) although somewhat less approved materials. The states can be quite liberal as to what they approve. Our concentrated terpenes and flavors allow for maximum product to be shipped, while keeping shipping costs low for both domestic and international orders.

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1000 ml or 1 Liter, 5ml Sample, 5ml Sample, 1 oz, or 30ml glass bottle, 2 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz or 473ml


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